duminică, 8 august 2010

Eyes of the lost

My only wish... I don't have a wish because just dreamers have wishes. And I'm not one of them.I'm just me and myself in my imperfect and silent world. There.. In my world ... my eyes are close and I'm blind and mute and nothig can hurt me... I'm the God or maybe not. Maybe I'm just stupid.. but there I'm not afraid of anything. There is nowhere... Is a world of silence. Or just for me.It was created for ... nothing? Yes! It was created by a God? No! It was created by a human. Just a human without dreams.Without hopes.Withaout ... heart. "You don't have a heart?" you'll ask me. No , I don't! My heart was stolen. "By someone?" Yes... will be my answer. "Who did this?" Him... and that's all about me.


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